US air marshalls kill bomb alert passenger

19 December, 2005

“US air marshals yesterday shot and killed a passenger who claimed to be carrying a bomb in a bag, as he run [sic] down a mobile jet bridge from a plane just after it landed at Miami International airport.” My italics.

Rupert Cornwell,
the Independent’s embedded reporter in Washington, happily cites no source for this assertion. It reminds me of when the British police recently shot dead an innocent Brazilian public transport user in London. Then, many of Mr Cornwell’s colleagues uncritically reported that the victim wore a suspiciously bulky jacket and jumped a ticket barrier when confronted by the police.

It was subsequently admitted by the police that he was not wearing a jacket, he jumped no ticket barrier and he was not confronted by police until one of them pumped eight bullets into him while another of his colleagues had him pinned down.

Do these “journalists” have no shame?

PS This post like the one before it originally appeared on my other blog, Really Learn Spanish. I believe the title of this post mirrored that of the article cited above. However the article’s title now reads “Passenger shot dead in airport bomb drama” and the content may also have changed – I don’t know because now one has to pay to read the complete report – not the case when I first came across it.


2 Responses to “US air marshalls kill bomb alert passenger”


    Shame on the media, officers are just trying to keep us all safe in a half second decision. I challenge any activist to try the same job as these officers have. Were taught in life that if you play with fire you just might get burned. So my answer to this is, fly straight and you will continue to soar….

  2. Ann McKillican Says:

    I just found your podcasts on Itunes and I am guessing that you are no longer doing them. Bummer, I really enjoyed them immensely.
    Do you have any of the drills/flashcards or softward available on indirect/direct pronouns?
    Thanks, hope you are doing well.

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