George Galloway on Celebrity Big Brother

16 January, 2006

“There are millions of people who are not particularly interested in politics. People who don’t read much other than a daily tabloid. People who have heard over and over again, year in and year out – and in the vilest terms – what a nasty piece of work George Galloway is supposed to be. On the whole these people watch Big Brother – at least the daily digest, often more. No matter how disinterested they might be in politics, no one is ever going to be able to persuade them again that George Galloway is evil. And the next time Galloway makes an “important political speech” it is likely to be listened to with more interest and less cynicism than that of perhaps any other politician. Then Galloway will truly look like the cat that got the cream. Power to the people!”

I participated with these words in the Telegraph’s debate on George Galloway. Neil Williams very kindly commented here and contributed to the debate himself.


6 Responses to “George Galloway on Celebrity Big Brother”

  1. Great site Johan,
    George Galloway stays in CBB House and is not nominated!
    I have made a posting to your excellent article on the Azania Blog and links back to your blog.
    You can see new post on the Respect Blog at:

    Neil Williams

  2. Steve Says:

    I’m afraid I will have to dissagree with you there. Having watched Mr Galloway in action last night, he is a xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx man that will forever be laughed at and never again taken seriously.

    In my opinion, his political career is over, and personally, I wish he were over.

    Interesting to watch him throw xxxxx after xxxxx at a couple of young adults and then glean a level of extreme self satisfaction at having Pete (xxxxx) Burns stand up for him… He was xxxxx like the xxxxx he is.

    Potentially libellous comments edited out – all instances indicated with ‘xxxxx’ on a per word basis. [Johan]

  3. Steve Says:

    Are you serious? What are you, XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX?
    In one foul swoop, you have utterly defeated the purpose of a blog, and more importantly the idea of a free unfettered opportunity for public speech.

    Frankly Johan, you are no better than the Chinese Government, who are actively inhibiting their peoples access to the internet. Shame on you.

    As for George, I suspect that he is going to have to deal with worse than being called a (please insert many ‘x’s here) man.

    Johan mate, XXXXX XXXXX.

    I am indeed serious Steve. If you want to call people names you’ll have to go elsewhere – there are plenty of sites catering for that kind of puerile behaviour. You are welcome to express your opinions here provided they have some  kind of logically derived substance behind them – even if flawed.  [Johan]

  4. Steve Says:

    *sigh* very well. I shall take my “purile and illogically derived comments” (if flawed) elsewhere, however surely your readers are mature and intelligent enough to come to their own conclusions without being mollycoddled by you? Moreover, you come across as a well spoken and intelligent person, why not demonstrate that rather than underselling yourself with oddly placed sets of ‘X’s…

    Just a thought…



    Steve, for the record, you misquote me – I’ll leave it to you to compare your quote with what I actually wrote. Let me clarify a couple of points though. To call people names, or to defame them in other ways, without explaining the reason for the attribution suggests a lack of logic. I do enjoy debate and am happy to enter into discussion but not on the basis of gratuitous name calling. Having said that, if you or anyone else uses a colourful epithet and shows how and why it was arrived at, I’m happy to publish it even if I disagree with the sentiment. When I x out something I do it, as indicated earlier, on a per word basis so any odd placing is entirely the result of the architecture of the original text. [Johan]

  5. Contentious area her Johan.
    George Galloway is, in my opinion, one of the few honest politicians around.
    He has an ego that requires huge amounts of self-gratification, but then what politician hasn’t?
    His self satisfaction is evident every time he wins – and why shouldn’t it be? At least he stands up for ‘unpopular’ causes and doesn’t pander to the accepted view.
    Lets face it; you know exactly where you are with George – he has to be able to justify everything he does, because he knows they’re out to get him.

  6. C’mon Johan – there must be more from you – you’re on the right track man.

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