“There are millions of people who are not particularly interested in politics. People who don’t read much other than a daily tabloid. People who have heard over and over again, year in and year out – and in the vilest terms – what a nasty piece of work George Galloway is supposed to be. On the whole these people watch Big Brother – at least the daily digest, often more. No matter how disinterested they might be in politics, no one is ever going to be able to persuade them again that George Galloway is evil. And the next time Galloway makes an “important political speech” it is likely to be listened to with more interest and less cynicism than that of perhaps any other politician. Then Galloway will truly look like the cat that got the cream. Power to the people!”

I participated with these words in the Telegraph’s debate on George Galloway. Neil Williams very kindly commented here and contributed to the debate himself.