A while ago, in response to this post by Kathy Krajco, I left a comment on her blog asking her a few questions because, while she was appealing to the reader’s sense of the blatantly obvious in an attempt to demonise George Galloway, she seemed oblivious to one or two axioms herself. I was also somewhat irritated by her infantile reliance on seeing the world divided between good guys and bad guys.

Unfortunately my comment was deleted within about 24 hours after posting it so I cannot recall my exact wording but what I asked was roughly this.

“Are those who illegally invade another people’s country not terrorists? Are those who defend themselves against the subsequent occupation not the good guys and are the occupiers not the bad guys?”

Ms Krajco’s little attempt at censorship indicates to me that she had difficulty in answering my questions. However I am grateful to her because it was this incident which got me thinking that I should perhaps start blogging beyond issues strictly related to Really Learn Spanish.