A kind of Hello! magazine of African politics? In the latest issue (AC Vol 49 No 1)  its glee at the imagined prospect of Robert Mugabe’s imminent ousting is barely disguised. Its update on Zimbabwe starts with, “Political plotters in Harare and Johannesburg are injecting some excitement into the run-up to this year’s elections in Zimbabwe with talk about a ‘United Front’ against President Mugabe and the ruling Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front.” (my italics)

At a time when the worst floods for many years are causing havoc in all of Southern Africa, including the deaths of at least two dozen people in Zimbabwe with many homes, villages and crops destroyed, Africa Confidential prefers to see the funny side:

“At least it rained a lot over the New Year holiday, so the currency crisis, which meant a disastrous start to the year, may be followed by a comforting harvest.”

Could their source be the celebrity reporter, John Simpson? Are we to read about “Mugabe’s floods” in the next issue?